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The 2018 Dutch Rossiter Rally was held on 14 and 15 september in Workum. Four Curlews and one Pintail made their appearance in the municipal harbour before the sluice of workum. On saturday we held not so much a Race, but rather a photoshoot in a fresh wind and beautiful weather. See the webalbum below.

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2016: The 2016 Dutch Rossiter rally was held in the weekend of 2-4 september. On saturday morning 4 Curlews (Godwit, Big Pumpkin, Gratie and Merlijn) and 2 Pintails (Burleske and Festina Lente) collected at the municipal harbour of Workum before the lock. The atrocious weather forecast for sunday (the festivities for the renovation of the Afsluitdijk were all cancelled) made some skippers decide not to sail to Stavoren, but to returm to their home ports and to participate in the dinner at Stavoren by car. Unfortunate, but on sunday it proved to be a sensible choice. On saturday we had still fine sailing weather and a pleasant dinner at the ' Visserman' restaurant in Stavoren.

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2015: The rally was held in the weekend of 4/5/6 september in Workum and Stavoren. Friday we gathered in Workum under rather atrocious autumnal conditions. Fortunately the next day gave drier weather; with still a fresh NW breeze we sailed to nearby Stavoren. The old harbour was nearly empty due to the weather. Ample time for social interactions and a pleasant dinner at restaurant De Koebrug.

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The 2014 rally was held on saturday 6 september at Workum in the municipal harbour before the locks. Due to a serious lack of wind it was decided to skip the "Race" and so there was ample time for interactions. An alternative program included a visit to the old shipyard De Hoop and a walk along the Zool, followed by drinks and dinner.

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The 2013 rally was held on Saturday 14 september in the old harbour of Stavoren. The weather conditions were not optimal: on Saturday continuous rain and the wind increasing to 7 Bft led for the first  time to the decision to cancel the "Race", so there was ample occasion for social talk and exchange of information on how to keep Pintails and Curlews in good shape, followed by dinner.  On Sunday the weather forecast looked ominous, but sun and a fine sailing wind gave a pleasant return trip to our home harbours.

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The 2012 rally was held on saturday 15 september in the old harbour of Stavoren. The atrocious weather on friday caused the number of ships present to be rather limited, but the participation with other means of transport was quite satisfactory. On saturday afternoon we sailed with Pintail 'Blau Stirns', Curlew 'Gratie'  and the Laurent Giles 44 'Ocean Goose' with a nice wind from Stavoren to Breezanddijk, followed by drinks and dinner.  

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The 2011 rally was held on saturdau 10 september in the old harbour od Stavoren. After palaver and coffee we sailed to the KR-A buoy just north of bird sanctuary De Kreupel and back to Stavoren. Not surprisingly, the Rossiter-built Laurent Giles 44 was the fastest boat overall. Curlew 'Suze' sailed well. but did not get quite close to the KR-A buoy. So 'Godwit'  was this year's winnner of the Curlew class.

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